The Best Online Payment Gateways in Malaysia

The Best Online Payment Gateways in Malaysia

Here is a list of payment gateways commonly used by online casinos identified to be safe & secure

When it comes to playing online casino games, online slots games, or sports betting, safety is always a concern. After all, when it comes to managing their money, players value their privacy. More importantly, they want to avoid getting scammed. Many casinos out there that have proven to be suspicious with a history of scamming players out of their money.

A Payment gateway is a merchant service provided by e-commerce application service providers. Primarily it is used for direct payments processing for e-businesses. The information is encrypted and is only solely used at the official respective bank gateway. The image below shows a typical flowchart of payment gateways:

Flowchart of online payment gateways


Help2Pay is a comprehensive payment gateway that offers robust, real-time, and market-tuned solutions. Help2pay merchants with a fully automated and customizable platform, integration tools, and 24-hour customer support. With these tools provided, a systemic and smooth payment gateway is established and used in many casino sites such as LALA88.


iPay88 is the leading online payment service provider for Southeast Asian merchants (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Singapore, etc. They are commonly used for online gaming services such as Garena, iPay88 have proven themselves to a premium payment gateway service. Boasting efficient service and a developed framework, they provide a safe solution for many online casinos. iPay88 specifically caters to Malaysian websites.


Neteller is a global online payments provider with over 23 million account holders worldwide. They provide support for credit as well as debit card solutions, operating on a global scale. Neteller is a very established brand and is usually a sign of a secure casino who knows what they are doing.


Similar to Neteller, Skrill is a global-based online payment gateway system. In recent times they have introduced use of popular cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

The Must-haves for Payment Gateways

The ones we listed above are some of the most popular ones, due to the amount of security and efficiency they provide. Generally, when it comes to payment gateways, one thing to note is that they should directly access the official bank site’s gateway. If you notice any attempts at phising or casinos requesting for your bank information directly, it is usually a red flag.

At GamingSafe, we want to help players to identify the signs of a suspicious casino and keep your information safe when playing online.

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