Review: BigPay Wallet & Card

Review BigPay Wallet & Card

Everyone has their own waller app now, and even an airline has joined in the fun. BigPay is AirAsia’s free wallet app that comes with its own card, first launch in Malaysia in 2017.

Fast forward to now, BigPay operates in Malaysia and Singapore and offers its customers the ability to use a prepaid debit card that can be used wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

But with so many mobile wallets and cards in the market, what makes BigPay stand out among the crowd?

On top of the usual features, one would expect from a digital wallet, what we like the most from BigPay is they allow you to spend in 150 supported currencies. without having to spend any foreign conversion fees, your overseas transactions will be much cheaper and also allow you to withdraw money from overseas Via, Maestro, or Cirrus ATMs.

They also allow you to make international bank transfers at what it says to be competitive transfer rates. It can be another solution you can consider if overseas transfers are something you do often.

BigPay Card

Is BigPay card a debit card?

Your BigPay card is a prepaid Visa card. This is similar to the Vivid Prepaid Mastercard and multi-currency cards like YouTrip and MCO.

Is BigPay a bank?

BigPay is not a bank. They are a financial service provided by AirAsia to challenge the banking system and make spending easier for you.

How do I get a BigPay card?

You can receive your BigPay card by mail after following these steps:

  1. Sign up for BigPay. You will also need to verify your identity by uploading your Identity card.
    Top up a minimum RM5 to your card. You can top up your BigPay card using a debit or credit card.

2. Receive your card via delivery. Your card should arrive at your address in 5-7 working days after you’ve finished your signup. However, due to the Covid-19 situation, there might be some delay in the delivery of your card.

3. Voila! You can start spending with your BigPay card.

However, with BigPay App you can’t store multiple currencies in the BigPay wallet. You can only convert to foreign currency when you make the transaction.

The rewards for using their card are not as attractive compared to other debit and credit cards out there.

There are some features that BigPay offers you.BigPay is part of AirAsia, you are able to earn BIG Points when you spend using your BigPay card. These BIG points can then be redeemed for flights to certain destinations.

But, the exchange rate for the BIG points is pretty low. Moreover, your points will expire within 24 months.

Another thing that we like is the BigPay app is quite simple and user-friendly. You are able to view your transactions all in one place, and they give you a detailed breakdown of the areas that you’ve spent your money on which we find the features quite useful to track your spending.


The BigPay card provides an interesting alternative to other multi-currency cards out there. It does have some useful functions like tracking your expenses.

However, the rewards that come with using your BigPay card aren’t really that enticing. There are many other cards out there that can provide you with much better rewards!
As such, we believe that BigPay will be most useful for you if you make a lot of overseas transactions or you need to remit money to other countries.

Sign Up Now and Get your BigPay Card for free here.

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