Play’N Go – Cash of Command Slot Game Review

Cash of Command Slot Game Review

Cash of Command Slot Game by Play’N Go

Fan of war-themed slot games? You’ve come to the right place. We guarantee that you will enjoy Cash of Command Slot Game by Play’N Go.

This slot game takes place in a battle zone that somehow resembles the sea, sky, and land at the same time. Play’N Go has cleverly squeezed in a Battleships board game dimension, personable characters, and plenty of cool effects.

Cash of Command Slot Game Features

This online slot game is played on a 9-column9-row game panel, the goal is to land clusters of five or more adjacently matching symbols. Wins trigger the cascade feature, which removes winning clusters from the grid, and lets symbols fall down to fill the gaps.

Baron’s Turrets

On non-winning spins, there is a chance the Baron’s Turrets feature randomly activates. If so, then wild symbols are placed on the reels for another chance to win something. Wilds substitute any pay symbol.

Naval Heroes

As well as triggering the cascade feature, winning symbols are also collected in the meter sitting to the left of the grid. The meter has four levels which are attained when 15, 40, 70, or 110 symbols have been collected, triggering a different effect. The first three are Naval Heroes features, which add a ship or submarine to the grid. These vessels are not wild, nor do they have a value. When cascades end, the achieved Naval Heroes features trigger:

  • Commander Wilder – adds wilds to the grid.
  • Captain Verto – converts two sets of symbols to the same symbol type.
  • Admiral Magna – adds four 2×2 sized mega symbols to the reels.

Baron Fusco

Collecting 110 or more symbols in a single game round awards the Baron Fusco feature. This one removes ships and submarines until there is just one left. Then, the remaining ship or submarine creates a super version of the Naval Hero associated with it:

  • Super Commander Wilder – places more wilds on the grid.
  • Super Captain Verto – converts 3 symbol types into the same symbol type.
  • Super Admiral Magna – places four up to 4×4 sized mega symbols on the board.

Naval Heroes and the Baron Fusco can be triggered once only per game round.

Batten down the hatches, full speed ahead!

Score: 8.5/10 

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