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Mother of Dragons Slot

SimplePlay – Mother of Dragons Slot Game Review

In the world of “Mother of Dragons”, the Kingdom was in chaos as the king was slain. The princess, who was the last of the line, was exiled to nomadic lands. As a member of the Dragon Family, she had the power to tame dragons. After going through all the hardships, the princess had tamed three dragons and became the Mother of Dragons!

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Myth of the Phoenix Slot

Myth Of Phoenix Slot Game Preview

“Myth Of Phoenix” is a 4×5 reel, 50-line slot game. With the highest odds pattern in the game, the winning prize is up to 1,000 times the bet! The free game award provides players with three options: Players can win 4 to 10 free games and get 88 to 188 wild patterns on the reel!

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Innocent Classmates Slot

Innocent Classmates Slot Game Review

School starts in the sweltering late summer with three sisters joining, the three new faces are too stunning to hide in the crowd. The 18-year-old Saika has a beautiful contour under her ponytail and charming eyes behind her spectacles; Shizuka’s long hair dances with her short skirt when she walks; The short- haired Sanae from the volley team has a well-toned athletic body. Innocent Classmates includes Multi-option Free Games with Full Reel Wild.

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Funny Farm Slot

Funny Farm Slot Game Review

The livestocks here know the best how to keep you busy. The pigs run, the goats fight, the cows eat your crops… Welcome to the Funny Farm, trigger the spin and get the farm back in order now! Funny Farm includes Multi-option Free Games with Full Reel Wild.

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Red Dragon Slot

Red Dragon Slot Game Review

It was not easy to survive the extreme weather and the rugged terrain with steaming hot lava lakes. At night, it was hard to spot where Red Dragon was. The cold weather changed the colour of his blood, so he appeared to be blue in colour, camouflagic under the blue moonlight.

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North South Lions Slot

North South Lions Slot Game Review

Amidst the beating drums and clashing cymbals, Northern Lion in a golden costume appears with flexible moves of leaping and rolling; and the majestic-looking Southern Lion demonstrates strength and power shaking its head and body and jumping onto a tall pole to spread good luck. North South Lion features free game with Unlimited Spin mode.

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Tropical Treasure Slot

Tropical Treasure Slot Game Review

This 5-reel slot machine comes with a set of 30 pay-lines. Upon which punters will be able to spot some of the most colourful fish in the sea. Coral reefs provide some of the weirdest yet most beautiful ecosystems on the planet. The underwater habitats are filled with all sorts of strange and magnificent creatures. From rainbow coloured fish to spiny anemones and creepy crawly crustaceans.

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Fruit Poppers Slot

Fruit Poppers Slot Game Review

Some of them intensify your luck by bombing winning reels and bring in more lucky symbols! Gather all the fruit of luck to have a good harvest this year! Same as Tropical Treasure, Fruit poppers features 5 options of free games to choose.

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Diamond Crush Slot

Diamond Crush Slot Game Review

The silver diamond sparkles in the reflection of moonlight, the fiery red diamond glows with a burning passion, and the five-colored diamond has the most harmonious play of colors. They all have a magical power to bomb reels containing winning combination and generate new symbols to indulge players in loops of spinning.

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