How to Know if an Online Casino is Safe

How to Know if an Online Casino is Safe

Here are our tips to filter out the bad casinos from the good!

For the gaming enthusiast, finding a good online casino can be very challenging because of all the bad seeds out there. This is why here on GamingSafe we have a curated casino list and a blacklisted casino listed so players can be safe out there! However, we understand that some people want to go out and explore, so here are some tips to filter out the good casinos:

Valid Licensing

Genuine casinos should be operated with valid online licensing that has not yet expired. Once you spot the message saying the casino is licensed, find the license number. Most of the time, the information is hyperlinked so that you can select it which will direct you to the official UKGC website. Once you get the information, you will know its a legitimate, trustable site.

If there’s no licensing information anywhere on the website, it may be a big red flag and we advise you to back out. There is a risk of it being a scam, and even if its a genuine site, the lack of licensing means you won’t feel as safe playing there. Security is important!

Find Reviews Online

Look for reviews, word of mouth spread is a good way to evaluate an online casino. However, you may have to take players reviews with a grain of salt since sometimes they can be faked reviews! At the end of the day, there is no real way of knowing it, but it’s good to be informed of the general opinion!

Local forums can be a good place for finding reviews, or you may look at well-known, reliable casino review sites out there such as Casino Reviews or Gaming Zion.

Contact Customer Support

Here’s something to know, pretty much all of the good online casinos have a 24/7 customer service channel. If you have any questions, direct your enquiries to them. A reliable online casino should be able to provide answers to most of the questions you have, especially concerning security and privacy.

Make sure to ask for proper terms and conditions and elaborations on complex topics. You may also ask them regarding the procedures of depositing/withdrawing so you know beforehand what to expect when actually playing there.

Easy to Locate Information

All of the details regarding the bonuses should be displayed on a legitimate casino site. This means all of the turnover info, maximum/minimum withdrawal limit, validity period should be on full display for players to go through.

Sometimes, some sites even have FAQ sections ready for players, this is a good sign of a well-managed online casino.


Games must be set up in accordance with the choice of customers. This is very important in order to make sure that the customers do not feel bored or neglected. It can be done easily by letting the customers choose from their favorite games. The money invested by the customers must be secured in order to make it a common belief in the hearts of consumers about the services offered by the online casino.

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