Review: Help2Pay – South East Asia’s Payment Leader

Help2Pay - Southeast Asia's Leading Payment Solution

Today, electronic payments have become the preferred payment in matured markets and are gaining quick adoption and traction in developing markets. The ease of not carrying cash brings advantages to merchants and customers alike.

However, very much of the electronic payment market in South East Asia is still not cross border and this brings with it, its own challenges. Although there are some prepaid co-branded VISA and MasterCard options today, there is still a long way from mass adoption. For a payment solution to work, not only must it be simple it must also be secure and be trustable and reliable.

Help2Pay is not new to the market, having started 2013 – it might just be among the first. But along with that, it’s also about that staying power, the speed of transactions and the ‘trust factor’.

There is a significant characteristic of payments in the gaming space as compared with normal retail and that is the immense amount of transactions. It is highly likely that you will perform more gaming transactions than you would retail transactions within the course of a single day. And with this, the trustworthiness of the merchant becomes the most important factor.

Help2Pay’s USP (Unique Selling Point) and what we feel is very important is Help2Pay uses encryption technology for all its transactions and no other data is withheld.

We’ve tried Help2Pay with several other options available in South East Asia, and found them to be consistent, reliable and trustworthy. Don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself. Don’t transact with any random merchant, protect your data privacy.

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