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For Formula 1 betting, all bets will be VOID and refunded, if a race is interrupted or delayed, and not resumed within 72 hours from the scheduled commencement time unless the bets have been unconditionally determined.

 All bets placed on a non-starter after the official practice race will not be refunded.

 It is the result at the time of the podium presentation that counts.

 Betting on any motor sport qualifying rounds is determined based on the starting grid positions assigned at the end of the qualifying session.

 Time penalties imposed by the race officials during the qualifying rounds counts. Other grid demotion or promotions after the qualifying rounds have ended do not count.

 The following options are offered for F1 betting:

Non-Live Formula 1 Betting

Fastest Lap

The official result, as at the time of the podium presentation for the race, will be used.

Head to Head

  • Where at least one of the racers does not take part in the race, head-to-head bets will be void, and the bets will be refunded.
  • Where both racers fail to complete the race and are recorded for the same number of laps.
  • Head-to-head bets on F1 racing will be void and the bets will be refunded.
  • All head-to-head bets will be settled as per the final standing position for that particular race immediately following the finish by all the applicable finishing participants.

Number of Classified Finishers

This type of bets on F1 racing relate to the total number of cars/motorcycles that have classified as finishers at the end of the race


An odd or even bet is determined by the finished position of a racer. For e.g.

Racer A finished 1st – Odd. Racer B finisher 2nd – Even.

If a participant is not listed among the finishers due to disqualification or accident and is unable to complete the race, then bets taken in relation to that participant will be void and will be refunded.


Top 3 Winners (Driver/Rider)

  • Bets relate to first, second and third place podium finishers.
  • Total Cars – incomplete
  • First Lap
  • Non-starters in the race will not be counted.
  • Winning Margins
  • Settlement is based on the time difference between the two selected drivers.
  • Handicap displayed on the website are time-based, reflected in seconds. For e.g., “6.0” mean a handicap of 6 seconds has been awarded to that driver. If a bet is placed on either over or under 6.0, any time difference which is below 6 seconds (e.g. 5.99 or 5.8 seconds and so forth will be deemed to be under 6 seconds and any time difference which is above 6 seconds (e.g. 6.01 or 6.2 seconds) will be deemed to be over 6 seconds. Where the time difference is exactly 6 seconds (i.e. 6.00 seconds) that will be considered as a Draw and all bets will be refunded.

In Running (“Live”) F1 Betting

  • Head to Head
  • Outright

Formula 1 Betting Sites List

If you want to get started with Formula 1 betting, but don’t know where to bet on F1 racing, here is the list of F1 betting sites you can consider: 

1. H3Bet 

If you want to bet on F1, H3BET is one of the best platforms. This website also provides sportsbook, eSports, online casino, slots, fish hunter, poker, and lottery games. Get 20% bonus on sportsbook, live casino, and slots daily. 

2. LALA88 

LALA88 is one of the most popular websites for Formula 1 betting. Enjoy playing Online Live Casino, Slots Games, 918KISS, and 4D  and a Welcome Bonus of 288% on your initial deposit.

3. W88 

W88 is another popular gaming website that not only offers bets on F1 but also provides you with a lot of casino and sports betting games. You also get a 100% bonus on your initial deposit. 

4. 7Luck88

For F1 betting, and other online casino games, 7Luck88 is one of the best websites. You can play live casino, sports betting, horse racing, and much more as well.

5. BK8 

BK8 provides a lot of sports, e-Sports, live casino, slots game, poker, fishing, lottery, and sports betting games on its platform including betting on F1 racing. 

Safe Practices for Formula 1 Betting

While placing bets on F1 on any other game, you need to ensure that it’s not affecting your mental health or financial conditions, here are some practices by GamingPro, you must keep in mind to ensure safe betting:

  • Set a limit on time and money before you bet, and don’t exceed that.
  • Make sure you are also having fun while playing and it is not just for money.
  • Never bet just to recover the losses, you might end up losing more.
  • Remember that you can’t always win.
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