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For online NBA basketball game bets to be valid, there must be 5 minutes or less of scheduled game time left when the remaining game is called off, unless settlement of bets has already determined (e.g., Period Betting).

 Settlement will be based on the official final score including Overtime (if applicable), unless otherwise specified.

 For NCAAB, the “Home” and “Away” venue indicated on the Website is for reference only.

 The following options are available for basketball betting online:

Non-live Betting

  • Asian Handicap
  • First To Score
  • Bets will be settled based on the team to score the first point in the match.
  • If the match is abandoned after the first point is scored, all bets will be stand
  • Highest Scoring Team per Quarter
  • Bet on the team with the highest scoring points for each quarter of the match, excluding overtime.
  • Last To Score
  • Bets will be settled based on the team to score the last point in the match (including any points scored in overtime play).
  • If the match is abandoned, all bets on Last To Score will be void.
  • Odd/Even
  • Outright
  • Over/Under
  • Period Betting
  • Halves Betting
  • In respect of 1st half of online basketball betting, bets are settles based on the sum of the 1st and 2nd quarters’ scores inclusive of the handicap to determine the winner.
  • In respect of the 2nd half betting, bets are settled based on the sum of the 3rd and 4th quarters’ scores inclusive of the handicap to determine the winner. 2nd half betting includes scores achieved in overtime (if applicable).
  • Quarters Betting
  • Bets are settled based on the scores achieved at the conclusion of each quarter inclusive of the handicap to determine the winner.
  • For 4th quarter betting, goal or points scored in overtime play are excluded in determining the winner.
  • Race to 20
  • Bet on the team to reach the first 20 points in the match.
  • Total Points/ Rebounds/ Assists/ Steals/ Blocked Shots/ 3 Pointers by team/player:
  • Settlement is based on player’s or team’s statistics in that particulars match.
  • Bets will be refunded on Non-Starters (i.e. players who did not participate in any part of the match).
  • Bets on players who played but did not score a point, rebound or assist will be deemed to have scored zero.

In Running “Live” Betting 

  • Asian Handicap
  • Over/Under

List of NBA Betting Sites

If you’ve made up your mind to get into online basketball betting in Malaysia but don’t know where to start, here is a list of online NBA and basketball betting sites to consider: 

1. H3Bet 

Apart from NBA betting, H3BET provides sportsbook, eSports, online casino, slots, fish hunter, poker, and lottery, and you can also get 20% bonus on sportsbook, live casino and slots daily. For your first time bet, you get a guaranteed 100% bonus.

2. LALA88 

LALA88 is one of the most popular websites that not only provides basketball betting, but you can also enjoy playing Online Live Casino, Slots Games, 918KISS, and 4D with a total of 288% Welcome Bonus on your initial deposit.

3. W88 

W88 is a leading online gaming site in Malaysia that provides you with a lot of casino and sports betting games such as NBA and also offers a 100% bonus on initial deposit. 

4. 7Luck88

If you want to play online casino games and NBA betting, 7Luck88 is one of the best sites to start with. You can enjoy a lot of casino games, live casino, sports betting, and horse racing.

5. BK8 

BK8, one of the most popular online casinos in Malaysia, provides sports, e-Sports, live casino, slots game, poker, fishing, lottery, and sports betting  on its platform. 

Tips for Safe Online Basketball Betting

 Gaming is fun, but too much of anything is not healthy. When you start getting involved in online basketball betting or even other casino games, you might not realise when to stop. Here are safety tips by GamingPro to take along when betting:

  • Fix your budget and do not go over it.
  • Make sure to have realistic expectations about winning.
  • Do not play just to cover up your losses, you might end up losing more.

If getting involved in NBA online betting is affecting your regular life, or you are left with no money to bet on, you should know when to stop.

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