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Who are we?

At GamingPro, we know the difficulty of sourcing and finding the most trustworthy sites in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, especially for newcomers to online casinos in Malaysia. Many misconceptions and uncertainty surrounds online casinos, ranging from their lack of security and transparency, to the lack of information about payment methods and whether one can withdraw their winnings easily.

That’s why GamingPro, goes the extra mile to prepare detailed and comprehensive reviews to help users make more informed decisions. An independent team of online gaming enthusiasts at heart, GamingPro, was formed to list and rate the increasing number of online gaming sites, helping fellow gamers to avoid the same challenges we faced ourselves. We aspire to be a one-stop portal for the latest news and updates in the online gambling world, as well as guiding gamers of all skill levels to play safely and securely.

What should you consider when choosing an online casino in Malaysia?

Before you jump right in and start playing at an online casino in Malaysia, it is important to access them based on some established criteria, so that you can stay safe and maximise your enjoyment. Here are some of them.

1. Security

No one wants to risk the loss of their personal information when visiting an online casino in Malaysia. Every reputable online gaming site adheres to strict security protocols to prevent the unwanted intrusion and theft of personal and financial details by hackers. SSL protocols are the mainstay for these sites, and the vast majority of these sites will utilise HTTPS – just look out for a lock icon in the browser bar.

2. Payment

Every gamer wants to cash out their winnings after a lucky day online, but many unsavoury online sites will often delay or make it difficult for you to cash out. In some cases, some sites even void your winnings, refusing to give you any payout at all. On top of payout, it is also important to ensure that online sites offer trusted and swift payment methods, allowing you to quickly fill your online casino account and start gaming as soon as possible.

3. Entertainment

Just like live casinos, trusted online casinos in Malaysia offer a wide selection of games for players. From the numerous aesthetically pleasing and thematic slot game options, to the option for live dealers for classic casino games such as poker and blackjack; along with other games such as craps and roulette; a well-equipped online casino is a great choice for gamers to step into.

4. Customer service

With online casinos being in the virtual realm, it is inevitable that issues may arise, ranging from payment issues to bugs and connectivity issues. Reputable online casinos in Malaysia offer 24/7 live customer service, allowing gamers’ concerns to be swiftly addressed and resolved. This allows gamers to play with peace of mind, knowing that they can immerse in entertainment and still walk away with their winnings when done.

5. Online reviews

Last but not least, online reviews go a long way to ascertaining the trustworthiness of online casinos in Malaysia. Just as you would review a product before buying, GamingPro also offers detailed online reviews that elaborate on the usual factors that gamers are concerned about. This helps them make more accurate decisions, and enjoy their online casino experience as they game on.

What entertainment options does GamingSafe offer?

As an established online casino in Malaysia, GamingPro offers a wide variety of entertainment options for gamers of all walks of life. Newcomers can look forward to the wide range of glitzy and attractive online slot machines, while gamers of all skill levels can enjoy chance-based games such as craps and roulette.

For gamers seeking a thrill, there is also blackjack, baccarat and poker. And for the betting enthusiasts, GamingPro also offers a wide range of sports betting options, ranging from the ever-popular football betting leagues such as the EPL, to other sports such as basketball, motor sports, and horseback racing.

Visit our gaming guide to find out more on how to play the various established games and stepping into the world of sports betting. You’ll learn basic tips and tricks to help you get started on the road to entertainment and winnings.

Where can I find your list of trusted casinos?

GamingPro has painstakingly curated a list of trusted online casinos in Malaysia. Our comprehensive reviews break down the best of Malaysia’s online casinos and sportsbook sites, listing each site’s strengths and benefits in detailed reviews. We also review based on a 10-star rating based on a variety of factors, such as the website’s look and feel, game selection, as well as customer support and ease of deposit and withdrawal.

GamingPro uses a wide variety of criteria to rate trusted online casinos in Malaysia. Most of the sites that made our list offer a wide range of live casino and sports betting games, 24/7 customer service that is swift and effective, extensive welcome bonuses for new players, as well as fast cash deposits and withdrawals to allow players to quickly start playing and cash in their winnings. Our reviews also share about the various transaction methods that each site accepts, making it easier for interested players to pick the optimal payment options for themselves.

What are blacklisted gaming sites?

At GamingPro, we take pride in helping users to enjoy the best out of their online gaming experience. Just as much as we focus on reviewing reputable and well-supported online casinos in Malaysia, we also maintain a blacklist of online casinos, helping our visitors to steer clear and avoid being scammed or having their personal details and hard-earned money be compromised.

Online sites that end up on our blacklist do so for a variety of reasons. They range from copying the layout of reputable websites to try to scam unwary players, an unresponsive customer support, an inability to withdraw funds or indefinitely delayed payouts, or even unsecure sites that phish for users’ data and attempt to access.

Just like our trusted list of online casinos in Malaysia, our blacklist is also frequently updated to ensure that users can play online in safety. We welcome users to share with us any suspicious sites they come across, so that we may investigate and verify before updating our list.

Have a trusted or blacklisted site to share with us? Contact GamingPro today and we will be sure to look into it!